Infinity Square Bog Oak Screen



Designer Vlad Krasnogorov

Materials Bog Oak

Dimensions 70"W x 13.5"D x 66"H


Veneer is sawn 1/16" thick from a rare 1,200 year bog oak board discovered in the rivers of Eastern Europe. Having a range of color from near black on one edge to nutty brown on the other. Marquetry squares have the dark color either on the edge or in the center in an alternating pattern, repeated on the reverse side. The screen is an ideal display of this quilt-like design. Designs can be adapted to other forms - leave it to your imagination - We welcome commissions. More history on our bog oak: Three hundred years ago a Turkish ship laden with bog oak logs dug from a marsh near the Dnieper River was sunk in a battle with Russian soldiers. The logs, carbon dated at 1200 years old, stayed on the river bottom for another 300 years until recently recovered by divers searching for WWII souvenirs. Minerals from the river water penetrated and stained the wood nearest the bark, but left the heartwood a natural oak color. Veneers were sawn from them displaying a striking transition of colors from near black at the edge to warm brown in the center, with subtle greens in between. These are arranged here in square patterns or long diagonals in a vibrant display of color.