Infinity Square Bog Oak Table



Designer Vlad Krasnogorov

Materials Bog Oak

Dimensions 62"L x 39"W x 29"H


A tabletop is an opportunity to display the beauty of whatever material it is fashioned from, and this piece does not disappoint. The striking beauty of 1,200 year old bog oak, sawn into thick veneers and arranged in a marquetry pattern of squares is what this tabletop presents about as well as one could imagine. The name Infinity Squares refers to the optical illusion one gets by focusing closely, and suddenly seeing a colorful tunnel that recedes deep into the center of each square. Minerals from the river's boggy banks slowly penetrate the wood, staining the outer layers near-black, transitioning through subtle greens to the heart which has retained the warm brown of natural oak. There is no other way to get wood to look like this. It is truly one of nature's treasures. A unique gem where the artisan gives new life to an ancient tree and puts it in full display. Customers can realize their own vision for the pattern and bog oak design. Each piece is a unique and custom work of art.